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The most popular form of the company in Slovakia is the company s.r.o., with a minimum share capital of 5000 euros (which has to be paid to the bank). The structure of such a company is formed by the shareholder and the director. Shareholders may appoint or dismiss a director.

VAT / EU registration in Slovakia is currently very problematic.


The counterpart of the Polish joint stock company is the company a.s. which, from s.r.o. It distinguishes a more prestigious position and a greater possibility of transfer of shares. At least 1 management board member and 3 supervisory board members are required. Company capital is not less than 25000 EUR.

As in any European country, it is possible to set up a European company. This is a very similar form to the joint stock company (a.s.) with a few convenient differences. The biggest advantage of such a company is the possibility of transferring its headquarters to another EU country. So if you notice that in another country there are better business conditions such as tax related, nothing prevents the transfer.

In addition, we offer virtual office and accounting services.

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