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United Kingdom

United Kingdom

In the UK there are two types of companies: private and public. This country is very business friendly, the rules are clear, the policy favorable, the company registration period is short. Law in the UK is very stable, therefore the LTD companies have a good opinion.


This process in the UK is very fast - it takes about 2 working days. There is no need to fill up any documents, everything can be done via internet. To be able to legally operate, you need a document confirming your company registration. Outside the borders of UK it may be useful to obtain so-called. "Good Standing Certificate" which we can provide for you. The advantage of the private UK LTD company is that it can operate on the area of the whole Europe.

We will organize everything you need


Although it is very simple to register a new company, it is possible to purchase ready made companies, which we have in our offer waiting for new owner. Transfer processes are similar to starting a new business.

In the case of the public company, the share capital is 50,000 pounds, therefore this option is often chosen by large companies. The new type of public company is a European company. The biggest advantage is that it is possible to transfer the company registered office to another EU country. So if you find out that other countries have better business conditions ie. tax related, nothing prevents such a transfer.

LTD company must have registered office in UK – we can provide you with an address in London or Doncaster, so that you can get an address in a prestigious location, possibility of using a conference room, the option to send and scan correspondence. We also carry out accounting (VAT filling, annual reports, payroll, etc.) for a monthly fee based on the amount of work.